Soul Mates


Darren is a successful musician and entrepreneur when he meets Nicola and finds that they have a connection that he can't deny. Surprised and delighted that he has found the relationship he has been waiting for his entire life, he proposes.


But when an unwelcome blast from the past threatens to destroy everything, Darren is faced with a dilemma. Does he come clean and lose the woman of his dreams, or does he keep quiet, hoping not to be caught out?


When he becomes the victim of an attempt to blackmail him. Darren is left battling to keep the secrets of the past hidden, realising that Nicola's happiness now is more important than his.


But does Nicola have a life-changing secret of her own that she is keeping from Darren?


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Pixie's Gift


A short story of love mixed with tragic loss. Two people trapped in their own emotional despair while struggling to come to terms with the deaths of people that they couldn't imagine living without. But when all hope is lost, only then can something, truly, special happen.


Set in a small quaint village which has been made famous by the local bridge. Adam and Sarah, strangers until now, find they need to visit the bridge for very different reasons before they can finally let go. Will they be able to confront their fear, guilt, and regret? Can they finally put the ghosts of the past to rest, or will they need a little friendly help?


Only then will they gain the knowledge that love never really dies.






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Review - "Heartbreakingly Beautiful"


"This book is so recognisable to those who've lost a loved one, and it depicts beautifully how loss grows with us.


That pain that casts life aside, because there's no room to process more than our grief. The emptiness that is covered up in time, because we need to 'move on' and we learn to live with the hole in our hearts. And how close the loss still lingers.


This book definitely had me wiping away tears, it's a warm embrace and a brilliant ode to those left behind.


I couldn't put it down, Pixie's Gift is something I will gladly read again.


I will not spoil the story, but I will say is that I'm impressed by the way the storylines flow together, moving alongside each other. Each in a different stage of grief and clearly with different mindsets. 


While both stories ache, the freshness of Adam's loss and the painfully sweet reason his and Sarah's paths cross the first time, had my tears flowing more freely for him.


I can only hope that a story like his is fiction and not based on anyone's true experiences."



Verified Purchase - ***** - Len 

Review - A Short Story that packs a lot


I don't usually read many short stories as I like to be able to sit down and really pore over a long novel. I have to say I think this book has changed this for me. When I saw the description and the price I thought what the heck and decided to give it a go.


This book deals with some incredibly difficult topics, and unimaginable loss. I don't want to give spoilers but it's heart-wrenching whenever Sarah thinks about the person close to her that she's lost - and in the most tragic of circumstances too. It's not all doom and gloom however as she finds someone with an equally as tragic history as her.


One thing I did find a bit of an issue was the constant use of incredibly short paragraphs throughout the book, it made the book an uneasy read. I know that this is a short story and very well could have been done intentionally, but I found it difficult to really immerse myself because of this reason. However, it wasn't a deal-breaker and I still loved the content.


Overall a really very good book would have loved to have read it in a longer format so that more of a backstory could have developed.


P.s I loved reading from Claude's perspective - really great.


Verified Purchase **** FB


 Raven Wolfe

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 Review - "Absolutely Lovely"


"Pixie's Gift by Raven Wolfe may be the loveliest short story I have ever read. I found this book really enchanting and hard to put down, it was the perfect book for a mini-break from reality. 


Pixie's Gift is a story that follows the sorrows of three lonely people. They have all lost someone to the bridge and find their lives are connected in the end, bringing them joy once again.


The characters' viewpoints are switched often to give insight into each of their lives. I thought this was particularly interesting as it keeps the reader engaged and it's not boring at all. There was even the viewpoint of a cat! I thought the way it was done was very clever.


As all the characters had lost someone I was expecting it to be cliche and have them all be love interests but it wasn't so I was pleased to see it, this definitely made the book more exciting for me. I felt that the emotional journey the characters went on was well thought out and quite realistic and it just had the most heartwarming ending. Not cliche, but heartwarming and just really lovely.


I also really liked how the book incorporated an element of magic or some supernatural force without making it too unbelievable. This is the kind of story I wish happened in real life.


I would definitely recommend this book. It is a really great read and it is nice and easy to read in the evenings before you go to bed, or whenever you have time."


Verified Purchase - ***** - Anna Lynn

Review - Lovely ghostly story


A lovely, warm, charming book perfect for Christmas. I sat down to read it with a glass of wine after putting the children to bed and really enjoyed this ghost romance set in wintry scenes. I loved all the attractive and interesting characters and was moved by their lives and the supernatural storyline woven around them. I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole book. I wished it was longer because I liked being involved in all of their lives and it all seemed to end too quickly.


I liked seeing through the eyes of the menace cat who prowled through the pages watching the protagonists with his purely cat interests of warm spots to bask, places to hunt and people to greet, he is a very superior cat, whiskers and all. The mysterious, horrifying beautiful icy bridge with its plummeting height and terrible history at the centre of the story and the welcoming Night Cafe nearby were very evocative.


The two main characters Sarah and Adam, Sarah beautiful and damaged, Adam silent, handsome and unable to articulate, both struggling with powerful emotions caused by their traumatic pasts were finely drawn and empathic and I was rooting for them to be able to cope with the tragic events that led to their distress. I do love an author who can create a world a reader can disappear into entirely and forget everything else, it's a great skill - I look forward to reading anything else written by Raven Wolfe.


Verified Purchase - ***** Miriam Dolby